Unearth the Treasures of Best Indian Cuisine in Katy

Indian cuisine has a carved a niche for itself amidst the best in the world with their flavourful recipes. The myriads of dishes that the Indian style and method of cooking comprises can suit any taste and preference. With various regional impacts, cultural interactions with foreigners, due to trade, colonisations and foreign invasions, the Indian cuisine has become an epitome of diversity. The global territories are slowly realising the strength of Indian cuisine. Finding the best Indian cuisine in Katy has not remained a distant dream anymore.

There is a lot that people all around the world need to discover about the food of India. There is more to Indian cuisine than just spices and curries, yet the other side has remained shrouded under the publicity of the stereotypical perceptions. It is quite difficult and unfair to pin point a single regional category of cooking as the best Indian cuisine in Katy. However, North Indian cuisines supersede others in terms of popularity.

Experience the Aura of Best Indian Cuisine with Eclectic Menu of HotBits

From the simple wheat harvested by Aryans to the opulent buffet of fusion food, Indian cuisine has come a long way. HotBits, serving best Indian cuisine in Katy has made incredible advancement by manifesting the evolution of Indian food. It all started with a purpose to accommodate the likings of Indian community living in and nearby Houston. Gradually, the purpose of serving native food gave way to specialising in the Indian flavours and HotBits was born. The necessity for vegetarian options usually remains underestimated and we seek to cater to these unaddressed desires. For the meatatarians, we serve the authentic Halal food.

We strive to distance ourselves from the quintessential spreads found in Indian restaurants abroad. The strong one-dimensional seasoning and typical sauces used in these eateries make the food indistinguishable. We at HotBits strive to provide distinctness to the food to make it best Indian cuisine in Katy. However, while doing so we ensure to retain the originality of the Indian cooking. Along with typical Indian fries and curries, we serve Indian-American, Indian-Italian and Indian-Chinese food.

Try Lip-Smacking Fast Food and Best Indian Cuisine in Katy

Indian fast food has become a wider term encompassing the Desi version of Chinese, American and Italian cuisine. We have incorporated this new realm of Indian cuisine in our restaurant. With our superb amalgam of continental cuisines with Indian food, we have managed to present the best Indian cuisine in Katy. Our competitive pricing allows diners from various segments to indulge into heavenly Indian street food.

Apart from tasty servings, our restaurant provides a wonderful ambience and great customer service. Our staffs attend the diners with immense amicable approach and make them feel comfortable. The mouth-watering food that comes right from our proficient chefs’ kitchen does more than satisfying the hunger and cravings. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success and we attain that through our dine-in, home delivery and catering services. Our best Indian Cuisine in Katy let you reminisce the lanes and by lanes of India while savouring the flavours.


Mouth Watering choices of Burgers, Kati Rolls (over Indian Paratha or Tortilla), Pizza, Noodles / Maggi, Veg or Non Veg Combo Items and snacks.


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We have many packages for you to choose from for your event. Give atleast 24 hours of advance notice so that we can be better prepared to serve and accomodate all your needs.
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Basic Meal Package

(25 minimum: $9.95 per plate)

Includes one veg entree, one appetizer, rice, daal, naan, raita and dessert.

Premium Meal Package

(25 minimum: $12.95 per plate)

Includes 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, rice, naan, daal, raita and dessert

Meal Combos

(5 minimum)

Veg Curry Combo (one veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Non Veg Curry Combo (one non-veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Mega Curry Combo (one veg & non-veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Indo Chinese Package

Veg Entrees

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

(Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Mutter Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Aaloo Dum, Chana Masala, Daal Tadka)

Non Veg Entrees

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Chicken Butter Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kadhai Chicken, Chicken Chetinaad, HotBits Special Goat Curry


(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Samosa, Samosa Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Veg Puff, Veg Pakoda, Gobhi 65, Paneer 65, Gobhi Manchurian, Paneer Chilli, Chicken Puff, Chicken 65, Chicken Chilli


(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

(Veg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Goat Biryani)

Maggiano / Noodles

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Street Style Maggi, Cheesy Masala Maggi, Chinese Style Maggi, Veg / Egg / Chicken Noodles

Kati Rolls / Burgers Package

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Includes one Kati Roll or one Burger from available options

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