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Vegetarianism is a noble eating practise in which people refrain from eating meat and that may be due to religious beliefs, moral principals or health concerns. When travelling or immigrating abroad, people feel like immersing themselves in the local culture. Food is a huge part of culture and vegetarian people can feel their reach to be limited when soaking in a new environment. If you are looking for vegetarian options in Katy. Hot Bits is the place to be.

The Indian street food specialist aims to offer friendlier food to vegetarian community that struggle to find decent food in good restaurants. Everyone needs a break from routine staple diet at some point of time. Even health conscious people use cheat days to balance their needs. For plant eaters, vegetarian options in Katy are quite less and in terms of fast food, even lesser. Hot Bits is a great sigh of relief for these customers as it seeks to impress the veggie-lovers with its culinary magic.

Go Green Choosing From Vegetarian Options in Katy, TX

What is the scope of Indian Vegetarian Food in Katy, TX?

Unlike other places, being a vegetarian in Near Houston in Texas is not a very terrible situation to be. A couple of years back Houston was declared as the vegetarian friendly cities in the entire USA. The conclusion was based on various factors and one of them was availability of related restaurants. Speaking of Houston, there are vegetarian options in Katy. However, even if you find vegetarian eatery, the ones dealing in proper Indian street food are not so ubiquitous.

What are the Reasons Behind Adopting a Vegetarian Diet?

There is trend of people cutting down on meat and transitioning to a new lifestyle that includes all vegetarian food. For certain reasons, this is a sane decision and these reasons are as follows –

  1. 1) Consideration for Other Living Creatures:

    As rational beings, we are supposed to think, analyse and consider. People are getting to understand that the biological balance depends on co-existing. The feeling of empathy towards animals is the biggest cause to quit the non-vegetarian diet and prevent their mistreatment. Adapting an ethical attitude requires a person, to not only think, but also act upon it.

  2. 2) Environmental Concerns:

    This is perhaps the most crucial reason for which people are moving towards vegetarian options in Katy. Global warming is posing greatest threat to the civilisation and a vegetarian diet contributes in restraining it majorly. Excessive emission of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide emissions, wastage of water, increasing of the ecological footprint can be controlled when consumers decide to go green.

  3. 3) Health Management:

    According to various studies, consumption of meat exposes you to the chances of cardiac diseases. With the proven statistics of goodness in vegetarian diets and rising health consciousness, the affinity towards vegetarian options in Katy has gone higher. In fact, most of the conversions are happening across the countries to retain the healthiness.

  4. 4) Handling Expenses:

    Meats are more expensive than vegetables and there is an abundance of food made with that in various eating joints. Having a non-vegetarian curry will certainly cost you more than a vegetarian curry at a restaurant. In the wake of the surging prices of consumables globally and decline in income, reducing the expenses is necessary. Turning vegetarian can be your best saving initiative.

Sense the Ultimate delight of having Vegetarian Options in Katy at Hot Bits

The Indian fast food restaurant Hot Bits, proffers ample vegetarian options in Katy to cater to the taste of various foodies. It has a wonderful vegetarian menu comprising of many veg appetizers and veg entrees. If you are planning to tour Katy or any other adjoining areas, you need not worry about your vegetarian meals. Hot Bits is ever ready to give you the best experience in dining.

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Basic Meal Package

(25 minimum: $9.95 per plate)

Includes one veg entree, one appetizer, rice, daal, naan, raita and dessert.

Premium Meal Package

(25 minimum: $12.95 per plate)

Includes 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, rice, naan, daal, raita and dessert

Meal Combos

(5 minimum)

Veg Curry Combo (one veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Non Veg Curry Combo (one non-veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Mega Curry Combo (one veg & non-veg entre, rice/naan, dessert), Indo Chinese Package

Veg Entrees

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

(Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Mutter Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Aaloo Dum, Chana Masala, Daal Tadka etc)

Non Veg Entrees

(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Chicken Butter Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kadhai Chicken, Chicken Korma, Goat Roghan Josh etc


(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

Samosa, Samosa Chaat, Bhel Puri, Veg Pakoda, Gobhi 65, Paneer 65, Gobhi Manchurian, Paneer Chilli, Chicken 65, Chicken Chilli, Chole Bhature


(Available in Half Tray serving 10-12 or Full Tray serving 20-25 people)

(Veg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Goat Biryani, Lamb Biryani)

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